EU9 Annoucement
Best Online Casino 2022 in Malaysia. Trusted and secure site filled with lots of promotion for you to enjoy and win big.
EU9 Annoucement
Best Online Casino 2022 in Malaysia. Trusted and secure site filled with lots of promotion for you to enjoy and win big.

EU9 - Best Live Casino in Malaysia

Along with the high public interest in playing live casino games in Malaysia, this industry is becoming more crowded and proliferating. Of course, we do not want to lose that momentum either! We are EU9 live casino Malaysia, Asia’s most prominent online casino, specializing in Malaysia. We can always give the best online casino gaming and gambling experience to maintain the members’ and customers’ trust. That is why we are widely considered the best choice by players out there - and you should choose us too!

We provide top-quality services and products related to the casino and online betting industry. Our quality is well maintained and has become one of the standards that are used as benchmarks by competitors out there. We are also always open to various possibilities and advancements that can make our business form even more optimal. It would be best if you tried to join us and feel the sensation by yourself!

We offer so many variants of services and products that you can enjoy, all of which are wrapped with various exclusive advantages that you can only find at us. We can guarantee the finest, which certainly will not be disappointing and makes you end up switching to another provider or brand - you will bear with us! Trust only the EU9 - the best Malaysian live casino you can find!

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Why is Live Casino popular in Malaysia?

Most of the casino players may wonder about this, but the answer is simple and easy to put forward: the Malaysian live casino has revolutionised the industry significantly. It comes in a positive context, where people find a lot of different fun and excitement compared to conventional land-based modes.

Especially those of you big gamblers who have experienced the difference playing at land-based casinos as well as at the online ones, we are sure you will be able to distinguish their sensation. Mostly land-based gamblers who turn into online players feel a sense of belonging: as if they have their own personal casino. They may play the games whenever they want!

How can I play safe in Live Casino Malaysia?

Security is the most important thing in playing live casino. Before starting, make sure you understand and run various protocols to ensure your safety. There are various things you can do. It will be better to be more careful since many irresponsible parties are out there.

It is important to do so that you do not give a chance to those who are perpetrators of fraud and scams. We recommend this because we believe it is essential for you and all the players to know. Because we are EU9 Malaysia - the most trusted live casino, and we want only the best for you!

Licensed Operators and Casinos

The first thing you can do is to ensure their licenses and certifications. They must also be transparent in showing the existence of their accreditation. A trusted live casino will prioritize this aspect as their foundation in doing business.

Licenses, certifications, as well as accreditations can be obtained through supervision carried out by commissions and agencies of online security guarantees. There are many available out there, some of which are highly trusted, such as Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), PAGCOR, UK Gambling Commission, and so on. It is also very easy to confirm the presence of their acknowledgment: you can see the logos of the commissions and agencies on the relevant portal page.

Real Live Dealers

You also need to take into account the presence of live dealers from streaming services used by a live casino. Because a live dealer feature is a sign of a prominent online casino, you can be sure that its presence may give a reliable security guarantee. Not all online casinos have this feature because live streaming services are a pinnacle of this industry: only providers and brands that truly dedicate their business can afford it.

Therefore this feature requires so many resources and the latest technology support. Online casinos that are fraudulent or scams will avoid features like this because they are irrelevant to their intentions. As one of the superiors, we have such a feature in our service! Feel the thrill of playing with a real live dealer only at EU9’s live casino.

Strict Set of Regulations

You also have to make sure there is strict regulation in place. More or less, this can help you confirm a provider’s or brand’s safety. Strict supervision can maintain the continuity of a well-guaranteed service, both in the context of the live casino as well as in various other products.

Existing regulations can cover many things, such as policies on making transactions (withdrawing and depositing), age limits allowed, legal jurisdictions, as well as the term of conditions for bonuses and promotions. Those things generally are the must. However, it is not only limited to that - the more and stricter the regulations, the better the security.

What is special about EU9 Live Casino Malaysia?

You can expect so much from us at EU9 live casino Malaysia! We have so many advantages that you can enjoy to the fullest. These advantages are exclusive to us: you will not find them in other providers or brands. Even if you find these specialties in other Malaysian online casinos, we can assure you that we are the pioneers in this industry - many of our competitors reflect on our success.

It makes our quality worthy of the status as a standard setter for this industry. We will continue to improve our quality, thus pushing the existing benchmarks even further. We believe that our best performance will contribute significantly to the development of this market share in the future.

Legit Promotions and Bonuses

You can find various bonuses and promotions that are very interesting and can be enjoyed whenever you decide to play. You do not have to worry about missing out because we will always have a variety of surprises for you! Those all are our way of appreciating the time and resources you spend joining the fun with us.

There are many offers that you can experience, some of which we also feature, such as: (1) Starter Pack Deposit $50 Free $50 and Welcome Bonus Up To 138% for new members; (2) E-Sport 99% Special Bonus for E-Sports gamers out there; (3) do not miss the Slot Games Welcome Bonus Up To 100% for online slots lovers; (4) Unlimited 5% Deposit Bonus for all members every time they top up; and many more! It is all special from us, EU9 live casino Malaysia, for all of you!

24/7 Caring Customer Support

You do not have to worry if when facing problems and need help because we at EU9 Malaysia will always accompany you in enjoying the offered services and products. We know everyone has certain limitations in utilizing online and autonomous features that tend to be self-service. That is why we provide customer support services that can answer your various concerns.

Our customer service is equipped with a live chat feature that can connect you in two ways:

  1. Automatic Chat Bot that can answer various FAQs;
  2. Real-time operator admin. Both can be accessed anytime through our platform - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You do not have to worry because with EU9 live casino Malaysia you are never alone.

Compatible Devices

The backbone of our business forms rests on the online mode. Therefore, the acquisition of digital technology in our services will be needed to achieve a more optimal context. One of them is to provide compatibility support for various devices commonly used among players. Our diverse services and products can be accessed through modern devices that can support online games, both in the form of desktops (Windows or macOS) and smart gadgets (Android and iOS).

You also do not have to worry about how to get it: all can be downloaded through our portal page, and it is FREE! By supporting this sophistication, we can make it easier for our customers and members to access everything more easily. So what are you waiting for? Download now and join EU9 Malaysia Live Casino!

100% Customer Satisfaction

We summarize our overall specialty in one concept: complete customer satisfaction guarantee. All of our services have been covered according to this purpose. We do this by providing the best quality for all the services and products we provide; listening to the various inputs we receive from members so that we can continue to grow; as well as prioritize our business form, which is oriented towards customer satisfaction.

All of this is intended so we can gain your trust in running our business in the live casino industry. Your trust is the fuel that keeps us moving forward. Therefore, trust us as your best partner in terms of entertainment. Only EU9 Malaysia can give the best!

Top 5 rated Live Casino games in EU9 Malaysia

The existence of abundant services and product collections is the lifeblood of a Malaysia live casino. For that reason, we provide so many options for you to choose from. You can play them, suits to your preferences, interests, or skills. You can enjoy all the excitement from the lineup that we provide to the fullest!

We fill our collections with those that are so popular in this market. You do not have to worry about not finding what you want - EU9 Malaysia has it all! Therefore, prepare yourself, your time, and your balance before playing because once you try, you will find it difficult to stop!

Live Baccarat

This one is specially prepared for you, fans of card games. Undoubtedly, an online casino service will be incomplete if it does not provide Baccarat. That is why we bring this service as one of ours. Having the largest number of fans, one of the main attractions is the presence of top models as our live dealers - they will accompany each of your games.

Not only will you be hypnotized by their beauty, but with such great skill of yours and a bit of good luck, a very large return can be secured! No need to think twice about deciding to join! Grab your smartphone right away, and enjoy the excitement of playing Baccarat in the EU9 online casino Malaysia lineup!

Live Roulette

We also provide table games for those who do not like card games. Being the next most popular in our live casino lineup, it is doubtful that anyone does not know Roulette. As one of the signature games of a casino, this game is very easy to recognize.

The existence of a spinning wheel with various colors and numbers, as well as the thrown ball, is really thick with gambling nuances. With the help of our live features, you can still feel the sensation of being in the middle of the casino floor! The EU9 Roulette game is the best you can find in the Malaysian market and even in Asia. If you do not believe it, then prove it yourself!

Live Blackjack

The most popular position is also filled by one of our card game lineups: Blackjack. Collect aces and face cards for the amount of 21, the Blackjack! Once you get them, the house will bust, and you will win the round. Easy right? In addition to being guided by an actual real-person dealer, in our live casino Blackjack service, you will also play in real-time with genuine fellow players from various parts of the world.

The provided technological advances certainly make you no longer need to bother coming to a land-based casino - you can play it without leaving the comfort of your own place! Why bother to be difficult if a more practical one exists? - and practicality is what we offer!

Sic Bo Online

One of our products that is so thick with Asian nuances, Sic Bo is quite popular amongst so many members and customers. You can enjoy these dice-based games live through our casino services. Along with every roll of the dice from the dealer, you can secure the chance for victory!

This gambling mode can also be another delightful variation. As a signature of online casinos operating in the Asian market, its unique characteristics can certainly entertain anyone. It is not so surprising that this one became our featured lineup. Come try it now through our EU9 platform!

Live Poker

Being so popular, our poker card game service gets a lot of enthusiasm! Whether you choose to fold or want to go all in, it is up to you to decide! One thing is for sure: you do not have to worry about your poker face will be blown. Through online schemes, your expression will be more well-hidden.

Feel the fun of obtaining flush, straight, full house, pair, and more in the live Poker service that EU9 offers. We are sure you can wipe out the winnings and get as many chips as possible! Do not worry about running out of balance too! Our live Poker bonuses and promotions are waiting for you! Join now and start gaining wins!

EU9 Live Casino Online Malaysia Gaming Providers

We do not want our members and customers to get bored quickly. Thus, we provide as many products as possible to choose from. To meet the current standards of a prominent live casino in Malaysia, not only do we provide our own exclusive titles, but we also collaborate with various providers and brands. We always open up opportunities and do not rule out various progressive choices. Hence, hereby we present various other lineups that you can enjoy!

  • Evolution Gaming
  • Playtech
  • Microgaming
  • Sexy Baccarat
  • Asia Gaming
  • King855
  • EBet
  • XPROGaming
  • QTech
  • WMCasino
  • DreamGaming
  • Ezugi
  • YeeBet
  • Pragmatic Play

How to Start Playing Live Casino Games at EU9

 To get started, the method is straightforward! We have broken it down into three easy steps to join EU9 - the most prominent live casino sites in Malaysia:

  1. Register through our portal page. To complete this process, fill in several pieces of your information. When done, log in to the account. Also, do not forget to download our platform there.
  2. To be able to play, you must have a balance in your account. You can follow the transaction instructions that we have provided. Choose the deposit method that you think is the easiest.
  3. If the balance has been successfully entered into the account, then you are done and ready to play! Win them all!

FAQ about EU9 Online Live Casino Malaysia

Are live casinos legal?

Of course! You only need to look for a provider that already has a license, certification, or accreditation to ensure your safety in playing.

Can I play live casino games in other languages?

Yes, you can! EU9 Live Casino Malaysia provides multi-language services: English and Malay.

What payment method can I use to play live casino games in Malaysia?

In EU9 Malaysia, there are many choices of transaction methods to choose from: cashless, e-wallet, conventional transfer (bank or ATM), and even cryptocurrency!